Our approach

Children are always seen as individuals. We encourage them to respect each other through positive guidance and development of self-worth, and to treat all children equally. Our Educators encourage them to exert their independence through choices with a variety of experiences on hand.
We believe young children need interesting and enjoyable play experiences and activities that provide challenges to their natural curiosity, encourage creativity and foster a love of learning. The flexibility of our programs means we can take advantage of play situations including any spontaneous learning opportunities and our Educators balance these with group and planned activities.
With a thorough knowledge of child development and observational skills, we identify strengths and plan goals to expand and enhance every child’s learning. We combine ideas from Educators, families and the children in our programs creating educational balance for all. Our Educators create a Portfolio of your child for you which provides a picture of their learning over the years at our Centre.
Our Educators work in partnership with parents, encouraging them to join in with centre activities and to share their culture.
To give you an idea of your child’s day, you will be emailed a Daily Reflection of the activities that have taken place in their room. This will contain photos of the children and a narrative of their day with our Educators and will give you talking points to chat to your children about.