Transition to school

Transition to School

As the children approach school age, it is important for them to understand what going to school is about.
Some children have been attending our Centre since they were a few months old. Many have been at the Centre for more than half of their life so entering school is a very big moment in their lives. Part of the Centre’s job is to make the transition to school as smooth and as comfortable as possible for each child.
Our program for transitioning to school will take place throughout the year prior to school entry of each child. Where possible, local primary schools are contacted and a speaker is sometimes available for an evening, and parents can attend an information session on attending school.
The Centre encourages parents to discuss with the Director of our Centre or the child’s Educators any apprehensions or concerns they may have with their child starting school. For example, some parents may be unsure if their child is ready for school, depending on what date the child’s birthday falls on and their level of maturity. Each year in September, Preschool Educators conduct meetings with parents whose child may be going to school. Here the Educator discusses the strengths and weaknesses of the child and what needs to be worked on by the Educators and parents before that child attends the school. This will make the child’s transition to school smoother.
The Preschool Educators provide a range of experiences which links to the learning outcomes of the NSW Department of Education and are always researching best practice for school entry children.
Our School Readiness program is constantly evolving with the changing needs of the future of education.