Call: (02) 9905 8722



How do I join the waitlist?

Please complete the waitlist form which you can find by clicking here.

Are there places available at the centre?

Please call the centre on 9905 8722.

Can I visit the centre before I join the waitlist?

Yes. Please call in between 10am and 12 noon during the week and we will be happy to give you a tour.

Is there a fee to join the waitlist? What does the waitlist fee cover?

Yes, there is a fee of $10 to join the waitlist. The waitlist fee covers the time associated in monitoring the waitlist, contacting families and ensuring that families are treated with appropriate priority and fairness.

Will the waitlist fee be refunded if I do not get offered a position?

The waitlist fee is non-refundable. There is considerable administration that goes towards maintaining a waitlist. We are constantly working on keeping the list accurate by contacting families regularly to update their preferences.

Can I join the waitlist if my baby hasn’t been born yet?

Yes, you can. When you join the waitlist indicate the surname and ‘baby’ or ‘unknown’, and an estimated date of birth. Once the baby is born please contact us to update your details.

Do I need to call you regularly to re-confirm my interest?

Yes, it is good to keep in touch from time to time.

New enrolments

Is there an initial payment required to confirm an enrolment?

Yes, we ask for a bond equivalent to 2 weeks fees. This will be refunded to you when your child leaves the Centre. You will also be required to pay the first two weeks fees. However, if you pay the bond and two weeks fees and then decide not to commence at the centre these amounts will be forfeited.

How long do I have to decide if I would like to accept a position?

Within 2 days of receiving your enrolment pack.

Is there are minimum number of days required for enrolment?

The minimum enrolment is 2 days. We feel any less than this can be too upsetting for children as they cannot settle and form attachments with other children or teachers. It can also be difficult for teachers to plan a suitable program if a child is only attending 1 day per week.

Am I able to claim Government subsidy?

Yes, we are a registered childcare provider which means that you are able to claim the Government subsidy relating to your childcare.

Existing enrolments

What’s the notice period to change or end the enrolment days?

The notice period to reduce the days or end an enrolment is 4 weeks written notice or 4 weeks fees paid in lieu.

Will my child move rooms when they have a birthday?

Children generally move rooms on their 2nd and 3rd birthdays if there is availability. Transitions into an older room are based on developmental readiness and availability.

Our team

What are the staff/child ratios?

The ratios of adults to children are regulated by the Government. In New South Wales, the ratios are:

0-2 years 1 : 4
2 -3 years 1 : 5
3-5 years 1 : 10

At WMCCC, we generally have higher ratios.


What are your fees?

The daily fee depends on the room your child is enrolled in.

0–35 months – $128 per day

36 months and over – $112 per day

Why do I have to pay for public holidays?

The reason we need to charge on public holidays is because we have every day costs that take place, regardless of whether children are at the centre or not. Some early childhood services absorb their running costs into their fees making their daily rate higher. This may mean that you are paying for public holidays even if your child is not enrolled on a public holiday.

Why do my fees sometimes fluctuate from week to week?

If you claim the child care subsidy, you can be subject to fee fluctuations due to the timing of the child care subsidy payments, and your level of child care subsidy. This is triggered by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) which we have no control over. We are always happy to answer your questions and are generally up to date with information from the Department of Human Services.

How do I pay my weekly fees?

Fees are paid by cash, cheque or internet transfer and are payable 2 weeks in advance. Fees are charged for public holidays, if your child is absent through illness and if your child is on holiday.

What is included in the daily fee?

Nappies, wipes, sun cream, all meals, milk.