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Outdoor-play-area-11Our philosophy is based on the belief that parents and staff work together to provide the best foundation for the growth and wellbeing of each child. Our emphasis is on developing partnerships and strong affiliations with families and the greater community.

We encourage family participation in sharing cultures, ideas and knowledge.

  • We aim to provide, through our team of professional qualified and dedicated educators, affordable high quality early childhood programs that meet the needs of individual children and families.
  • We provide a safe, relaxed and supportive environment where children can develop a trusting and secure relationship with their educators.
  • We are sensitive to the individual needs, routines and development of each child and share their sense of enjoyment at newly acquired skills.
  • We educate by positive encouragement and experiences, and aim to build self-esteem and confidence.
  • We provide a stimulating environment where children are nurtured, can create, and learn.
  • We encourage children to make choices, be challenged and have control of their learning.
  • We structure our programs to encompass the children’s interests through a mixture of activities and experiences which are child initiated and educator directed.
  • We encourage parents to provide feedback and input for our programmed activities, policies and practices.
  • We believe children are resourceful learners so promote relationships with others as well as showing respect for different cultures and the environment.
  • We create an active learning environment where children can express their ideas and thoughts, ask questions, make decisions, solve problems and feel free to express their emotions.

In essence we aim to provide a loving, caring, nurturing environment to promote each child’s learning, development, confidence and individuality.

Warringah Mall Child Care Centre acknowledges the traditional custodians of this land.