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Our approach

Our inclusive program is based on children’s needs and interests as well as introducing new experiences.

Children are always seen as individuals, encouraged to respect each other’s individuality through positive guidance and development of self worth, and treated equally. They are encouraged to exert independence and given choice and variety.

learning Young children need interesting and enjoyable play experiences and activities to provide challenges to their natural curiosity, cultivate creativity and foster a love of learning.  The flexibility of our programs means we can take advantage of play situations as well as any spontaneous learning opportunities and balance these with group and planned activities.

With a thorough knowledge of child development and observational skills, we identify strengths and plan goals to expand and enhance every child’s learning. We include ideas from educators, families and the children in our program and on observations of the children.

Our educators work in partnership with parents, encouraging them to join in with centre activities. We all work as a team and are friendly, trustworthy, caring and reliable.