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The team

learning-with-duplo-2Our educators are our greatest asset and we employ those with a range of qualifications, skills and experience.

We make every effort to recruit and retain the best possible early childhood educators to care for and educate your child. We employ thorough recruitment procedures to ensure all educators have the appropriate skills and experience for the position they hold.

We support the professional development of each educator and create opportunities for them to develop their proficiency. We provide training opportunities to expand their interests and enhance their skills.

On average, our educators have been with the Centre for over 6 years. In this time some have been employed as Trainees and have been encouraged to further their education to study their Diplomas and Early Childhood Teaching degrees.

Our educators work in partnership with families to provide a service that meets the needs of the children, parents and the teaching team.

Children learn from adult behaviour, so educators are expected to be positive role models. Educators model a variety of behaviours, which include communication skills and acceptance of health and hygiene practices.

We respect educators’ initiatives, innovation and attention to quality as well as their commitment to the children, families and the community.